Belarus’ digital economy ministry should act regulator, expert body

17.05.2018 09:08 / Belarus

MINSK - The digital economy ministry, which is currently under development in Belarus, should act both as a regulator and as an expert body, reckons Andrei Nareiko, Board Chairman at Belinfocom Association.

The Belinfocom chief made a statement to this effect during the 2nd Belarusian ICT Summit on May 16.

A working group spearheaded by Belarus’ prime minister is currently developing the concept of a digital economy ministry.

Nareiko shared his vision of Belarus’ digital economy ministry: it is supposed to function as a countrywide regulator and an expert body, which acts independently to analyze the best international practices and develop draft legislative acts and road maps for digital society development. In order to function effectively, Belarus’ digital economy ministry should invite leading experts from the telecom sector and rely on their expertise to implement relevant IT activities in industry, medicine, transport and agriculture, said Nareiko.

As previously reported, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea of creating a digital economy ministry and ordered the government to submit a project proposal specifying the new ministry’s functions and responsibilities.

The decision on establishing a digital economy ministry may be adopted in June 2018.

Source: PrimePress

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