Belarus' Domostroenie to sell 48 wooden houses to France in 2019

23.01.2019 09:45 / Belarus / Germany

MINSK – The Domostroenie branch of the Shklov-based Newsprint Mill plans to export 48 wooden houses to France in 2019. The agreement was reached following the talks at the international furniture and interiors fair IMM Cologne 2019 in Germany, BelTA learned from Bellesbumprom concern.

According to the press service, the Belarusian manufacturers landed many supply contracts during the Cologne expo. “The expo was successful even for those companies who did not exhibit their products but actively participated in the business program and negotiating processes. The Newsprint Mill has signed a contract to supply 48 wooden houses, mostly 2-5-storeyed ones, to France in 2019,” the press service said. First deliveries are scheduled for October this year. Stroidetali company will also launch export of light garden houses to France this year.

Belarusian furniture manufacturers participated in IMM Cologne 2019 with a single exposition. It featured Molodechnomebel, Ivatsevichdrev, Gomel Furniture Factory Progress, ZovLenEvromebel, Gomeldrev, Mogilevdrev, Rechitsadrev, Fandok, Almaz-Luks, Barro.

During the expo, the Belarusian companies struck contracts with major foreign furniture companies to supply products not only to European but also Asian markets. For example, Molodechnomebel discussed supply of furniture and expanding the range of products to the German market with OTTO network and outlined the prospects for branching out into the US market. FanDOK signed contracts to supply furniture and plywood worth nearly €500,000 with companies from Poland, Denmark, Germany, Italy, and Ukraine. Mogilevdrev concluded new contracts with companies from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Estonia, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Malta, Israel, Romania, and Lithuania.

Gomel Furniture Factory Progress reached agreements on the supply of furniture to Lithuania and Latvia and on cooperation with two German companies. It also held successful negotiations with companies from France and Italy. ZovLenEvromebel, Ivatsevichdrev and Gomeldrev outlined ways of cooperation with a large number of companies, and signed contracts with some of them.

The Belarusian companies participated in IMM Cologne 2019 in Germany under the auspices of Bellesbumprom Concern and the Association of Woodworking and Furniture Industry Companies with the support of the Embassy of Belarus in Germany. The exhibition operator was Belinterexpo of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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Source: BelTA

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