Belarus making up list of risk criteria for auditing private companies

12.01.2018 09:12 / Belarus

MINSK - A bill is under preparation in Belarus complete with a comprehensive list of risk criteria for inspecting and auditing private companies, PrimePress has learnt from Georgi Badei, honorary chairman of The Kunyavsky Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

All ministries and agencies were instructed to think about risks, which could potentially lead to violations. Private companies meeting the aforementioned risk criteria will be subject to audits and inspections, Badei informed. They plan to set up a point system, with relevant scores assigned to different kinds of risk, said Badei.

They plan to approve the full list of risk criteria at a session of the interdepartmental council of the State Control Committee. The new regulation on risk criteria for private companies will be approved by a relevant resolution of the government.

Apparently, by thinking up risk criteria, Belarus’ controlling bodies are tying to create a new kind of economic activity – an audit aimed at calculating scores to assess the level of risk for each particular kind of business, said Badei.

In his opinion, the risk assessing rate race runs contrary to the concept of economic supervision highlighted in Lukashenko’s recent parcel of measures aimed at liberalizing business regulations in Belarus. “The president told state officials not to interfere with business operations for invented reasons. But now it looks like there is some red tape aimed at neutering the measures aimed at improving the country’s business environment,” said Badei.

Source: PrimePress

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