Belarus’ net FDI inflow down 24.2% in Jan-Mar 2019 to $993.296m

16.05.2019 09:40 / Belarus

MINSK - The net inflow of foreign direct investments (FDI) reduced by 24.2% year on year in Jan-Mar 2019 to $993.296 million (excluding debt to direct investor for goods, works and services), Belarus’ National Statistics Agency (Belstat) said in a report.

Belarus defines foreign direct investments as those made by direct investors, whose stake in the statutory capital is at least 10%.

Belarus’ net FDI inflow in the real economy sector totalled $732.573 million in Jan-Mar 2019, down 27.6%, banking sector – down 13.8% year on year to $240.3 million.

Regionally, the largest FDI inflow was registered in Minsk City - $578.729 million (down 31% yr on yr), to compare with $150.579 million in Minsk Oblast (down 2.7%), $59.446 million in Gomel Oblast (down 34.1%), $67.98 million in Grodno Oblast (down 17.7%), $56.068 million in Brest Oblast (down 28.9%), $28.688 million in Vitebsk Oblast (up 97%), $74.205 million in Mogilev Oblast (up 6%).

Belarus state-owned companies’ net FDI inflow reduced fivefold year on year in Jan-Mar 2019 to $9.877 million, private companies – down 22.1% to $960.66 million.

Belarus’ processing industries received $286.888 million in net FDI in Jan-Mar 2019 (down 20.9% yr on yr), wholesale trade companies - $108.07 million (up 6.7%); financial and insurance institutions - $241.63 million (down 18.7%).

Belarus registered a net FDI outflow in the sector of ground transport and pipeline operators to the tune of $4.848 million in Jan-Mar 2019, to compare with a $250,446m net FDI inflow in Q1 2018.

Net FDI inflow from Russia in Jan-Mar 2019 stood at $135.314 million (down 3.3 times), Cyprus – $229.061 million (up 11.5%), EU countries - $457.138 million (up 4.1%), EEU countries - $136.463 million, down 3.3 times.

Source: PrimePress

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