Belarus restricts pork import from Serbia due to African swine fever

24.01.2020 09:19 / Belarus / Serbia

MINSK – Belarus has restricted pork import from two districts of Serbia because of the outbreak of African swine fever in boars, BelTA learned from the website of the Veterinary and Food Control Department of the Agriculture and Food Ministry.

According to the World Organization for Animal Health, the disease was discovered in the eastern Serbian areas of Pirot and Bor. Therefore, on 24 January Belarus temporarily restricted the import of live pigs, zoo and circus animals, processed pork products, leather, horns and hoofs, raw casings, hog hair, meat of wild boars, hunter's trophies, etc. from these districts of Serbia.

Belarus also introduced temporary restrictions on the import of vegetable fodder and feed additives.

Belarus also canceled all previous permits on the import of the abovementioned products from Serbia.

According to the Veterinary and Food Control Department, it is essential to take additional measures to ensure the biological protection of large swine breeding complexes and farms of all forms of ownership.

African swine fever (ASF) is a severe viral disease affecting domestic and wild pigs. It is responsible for serious production and economic losses. There is no approved vaccine against ASF. African swine fever is not a risk to human health.

Source: BELTA

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