Belarusian lift manufacturer seals major deal to sell lifts to Russia

11.10.2018 17:03 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK – The Mogilev-based lift manufacturer Mogilevliftmash and the Russian company OOO PO NLM based in Elektrostal have signed a contract for the delivery of RUB500 million worth of Belarusian lifts. The document was signed during the fifth Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia, BelTA learned from Director General of the Russian company Gennady Goncharov.

The contract provides for delivering about 1,500-2,000 lifts to Russia every year for the next three years.

Gennady Goncharov said: “We've worked together for ten years already. In the past we used to buy lifts in small lots. Last year we reached a new level of cooperation and intend to persistently advance it. The contract we've signed today is a testimony to that. We are satisfied by the quality, prices, and delivery time of Mogilevliftmash products. In the future we intend to consider making a joint product.”

Belarusian lifts will be shipped to various regions of Russia. Agreements have already been reached with partners in Samara, Rostov, Khabarovsk, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow Region.

Representatives of the Mogilevliftmash Marketing Department told BelTA that the Belarusian company is now of the top three lift vendors in Russia. In 2017 Mogilevliftmash shipped 7,828 lifts to Russia, or 66% of the total sales. In Russia there are 71 dealerships, three joint ventures, four assembly enterprises, and 36 service centers.

Source: BelTA

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