Belarusian Mechatronics starts shipping automobile fuel flowmeters to Africa, Central America

16.06.2017 09:45 / Belarus

MINSK – The Vileika-based company ZAO Mechatronics now sells its automobile fuel flowmeters to Africa and Central America, representatives of the company told BelTA.

According to the source, the number of the countries that buy Mechatronics' products has reached 50 this year. In addition to companies from European, American, and Asian countries the Belarusian company sells its merchandise to quite exotic countries such as Botswana, the Comoros, and Guatemala. In Q1 2017 the export growth rate reached 149.7% as against the same period of last year.

ZAO Mechatronics exports 91% of the output now. The exports include fuel gauges, fuel flowmeters, and axle load sensors, which are designed for automobiles. The company also offers custom-made solutions. For instance, fuel gauges were tweaked to control water levels for a customer from Ethiopia last year.

Mechatronics deems participation in international industry expos and conferences to be one of the most important channels for promoting sales.

Apart from exporting more merchandise Mechatronics has increased domestic sales this year. In Q1 2016 sales of fuel flowmeters to Belarusian agricultural enterprises rose by 80%. The installation of fuel gauges and fuel flowmeters helps reduce costs. If the devices are properly installed and maintained, fuel costs are reduced by 30%.

ZAO Mechatronics is an innovative export-oriented company that makes fuel flowmeters in addition to offering accompanying products and services in the area of automobile telematics. The company's products are certified for compliance with Belarusian technical standards and those of the Customs Union.

Source: BelTA

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