BelAZ to ship 20 haulers to Uzbekistan in 2018

14.09.2018 09:56 / Belarus / Uzbekistan

MINSK – The Belarusian automaker BelAZ will deliver 20 haulers to Uzbekistan before the end of 2018, BelTA learned from the company.

BelAZ and UzbekHydroEnergo signed an agreement on cooperation during the Uzbekistan-Belarus forum of business and interregional cooperation. The document will create a basis for mutually beneficial cooperation, development and strengthening of production and economic ties in supplies of Belarusian mining machinery. “This year Belarus will ship 20 haulers BelAZ-7547 with the carrying capacity of 45 tonnes to UzbekHydroEnergo,” the company said.

About 1,000 BelAZ vehicles are used in Uzbekistan today. The majority of them are haulers with the carrying capacity varying from 30 to 220 tonnes.

BelAZ has cooperated with the mining enterprises of Uzbekistan since the Soviet times. In H1 2018, Uzbekistan ranked second among BelAZ foreign trade partners in terms of the company's foreign trade turnover.

The public joint-stock company (OAO) BelAZ designs and manufactures mining vehicles and special-purpose vehicles using innovative technologies. Over the course of 70 years the company has made over 500 various modifications of haul trucks and utility vehicles, has assembled 146,000 vehicles, with the products shipped to 78 countries.

Source: BelTA

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