Development potential of Belarusian Cement Plant noted

20.01.2018 14:09 / Belarus

MINSK - OAO Belarusian Cement Plant, which is part of the holding company Belarusian Cement Company, has a serious potential for development. Belarusian Economy Minister Vladimir Zinovsky made the statement as he met with the cement plant employees on 20 January, BelTA has learned.

According to Vladimir Zinovsky, during the tour of the plant he was made familiar with its work and saw that the enterprise works rather well, generating a certain increase in salaries and sales profitability. The enterprise pays for electricity, natural gas, and pays taxes on time.

Vladimir Zinovsky believes in the future the enterprise can grow by stepping up prime cost reduction efforts and by making new competitive products with a high added value. “It will allow raising the salaries and seeing your way clear to repaying the loans the company has borrowed for retooling purposes,” he noted.

“There is no doubt that the government will help the company up to a point,” assured the economy minister. “But the business model of the company should get better so that it could pay off its debts by generating profits. Everything necessary is already available such as a strong team of engineers, good managers, who clearly understand what they have to do, support from municipal government agencies and competitive products. Belarusian Cement Plant has every chance of becoming an industry leader in the near future.”

According to Vladimir Zinovsky, the stable operation of the company is one of the bricks that make up the foundation of sustainable economic development of the country. The official noted that 2017 had ended rather well. In his opinion, in these conditions it is important to keep up the pace in order to reach the economic growth rate of 103.5% as this year's task.

“The matrix of tasks for the power vertical is complete. Now everything is up to professionals, their degree of responsibility and their desire to work. The fulfillment of state social security programs, higher salaries and pensions depend on that,” concluded the Belarusian economy minister.

Source: BelTA

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