Belsugar due to hold open tender to purchase sugar beet seeds

15.11.2017 09:20 / Belarus

MINSK - Belarus’ sugar manufacturers association (Belsugar)  is due to hold a open tender to choose suppliers of sugar beet seeds worth Br21.7 million ($10.893m), according to a message posted on – Belarus’ official web site for procurement tenders.

Both resident and non-resident companies are invited to take part in the tender. The closing date for applications is Nov 30, 2017. Belsugar wants the seeds supplied in the period from Feb 10 till Mar 10, 2018.

The seeds will be purchased to Belarus’ sugar plants.

There are four sugar plants in Belarus (based Gorodeya, Zhabinka, Skidel, Slootsk), which process 28,000 tonnes of sugar beet a day. The sugar capacity of Belarus’ home market totals 380,000 tonnes and is expected to grow to 720,000 tonnes.


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