Bobruiskagromash, China’s YTO Group Corporation discuss cooperation prospects

08.02.2019 11:39 / Belarus / China

MINSK - OAO Bobruiskagromash (Belarus’ farming machinery manufacturer) and China’s YTO Group Corporation have discussed the prospects of cooperation in adapting Belarusian-made fodder harvesting machines to the Chinese market.

The Belarusian company issued a statement to this effect following January’s visit of YTO Group representatives to Bobruiskagromash.

During the visit, Bobruiskagromash and YTO Group discussed an action plan to promote Belarusian-made fodder harvesting machines in China. Bobruiskagromash could potentially sell in the Chinese market up to 2,000 units of fodder harvesting machinery per year.

One of the possible ways of cooperation could a joint venture established by Bobruiskagromash and YTO Group Corporation (part of SINOMACH) to manufacture fodder harvesting machinery meeting Chinese requirements.

Bobruiskagromash is the core company of a holding company to manufacture farming machinery in Belarus. The group includes OAO Bobruiskselmash, OAO Orshaagroprommash, OAO Prommashremont, OAO Tekhnolit Polotsk, OAO Molodechno Instrument Plant, OAO NIIstromavtolinia, OAO Agropromstroimash.

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Source: PrimePress

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