Digital technology to add 1% to Belarus' GDP per year

12.10.2017 09:23 / Russia / Belarus / Kazakhstan / Armenia / Kyrgyzstan

SOCHI – The digitization of the Belarusian economy will add 1% to the country's GDP every year. The statement was made by First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vasily Matyushevsky on the sidelines of the CIS and EAEU summits in Sochi, Russia on 11 October, BelTA has learned.

Vasily Matyushevsky said: “We have our own independent program on digitizing foreign trade. If we implement it, it will add 1% to the GDP every year. It is a rather serious effect.”

The official remarked that the approach should be developed in the Eurasian Economic Union space, too. The Belarusian side is the initiator in this sphere. “We would like to spearhead the movement instead of showing up late,” stressed the first deputy prime minister.

BelTA reported earlier that the heads of state of the Eurasian Economic Union member states approved the main guidelines on implementing the Union's digital agenda till 2025 during the session of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council in Sochi. The document will allow the countries to work together to develop digital trade and more effectively assimilate digital technologies on emerging markets of merchandise, services, capital, and workforce.

Digital technologies are necessary not only for integration inside the Eurasian Economic Union but also for including the countries into the large-scale global digital transformation process and for making the transition to the economy reliant on new technological paradigms.

Source: BelTA

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