Belarus plans to boost exports of wooden houses fivefold in 2018

12.02.2018 15:31 / Belarus

MINSK – We are planning to boost the exports of Belarusian wooden houses to Europe fivefold, Yuri Nazarov, Chairman of the Belarusian timber, woodworking, pulp and paper industry concern Bellesbumprom, told a press conference on 12 February, BelTA has learned.

“In 2017, the Domostroenie branch of the Shklov-based newsprint mill exported wooden houses worth €200,000. We expect our exports to reach €1 million in 2018. In my opinion, this is quite feasible,” Yuri Nazarov remarked.

Domostroenie was an active player on the French market in 2017. Belarusian wooden houses have already been built in several populated centers across the country. The company is now working on new contracts, Yuri Nazarov added, one to build a kindergarten in a French province and another one to construct another batch of houses.

Other Bellesbumprom-affiliated companies have also been successful in this regard. Borisovski DOK woodworking plant sells to the EU virtually all the laminated wood structures it makes. Another company operating in Europe is the Vileika-based Stroydetali plant which also has customers in Belarus.

Source: BelTA

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