Gazprom Transgaz Belarus seeking provider of marketing research services

14.03.2019 09:42 / Belarus

MINSK – Gazprom Transgaz Belarus (fully owned by Russia’s Gazprom) has announced a tender worth Br21.934 million ($10.26m) to choose a provider of market research services with a focus on providing turnaround maintenance of two gas mains: Torzhok-Minsk-Ivatsevichi (828km – 843.66km) and Ivatsevichi-Dolina (0.0km – 110.66km).

The closing date for applications is at 16:00 on Mar 25, 2019.

Gazprom Transgaz Belarus is fully owned by Russia’s Gazprom.

OAO Beltransgaz officially changed its name for Gazprom Transgaz Belarus on April 18, 2013. Russia’s Gazprom owns a 100% stake in Gazprom Transgaz Belarus.

Trunk gas pipelines running across Belarus pump Russian natural gas to the country’s westernmost region of Kaliningrad and further to Lithuania, Ukraine and Poland.

The Belarusian gas transport system operated by Gazprom Transgaz Belarus comprises over 7,870 km (4,890 miles) of gas pipelines, 13 compressor stations, 3 underground gas storage facilities, 224 gas distribution stations, 27 automobile gas-filling compressor stations and 7 gas metering stations.

Gazprom Transgaz Belarus also operates a 575-km Belarusian segment of Gazprom’s Yamal-Europe gas main with 5 compressor stations. Gazprom Transgaz Belarus is headquartered in Minsk.

Source: PrimePress

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