Belarus’ Grodno Azot reports 7.4% increase in commodity output in Jan-Jun 2017

14.07.2017 09:26 / Belarus

MINSK – Belarus’ chemical company OAO Grodno Azot manufactured Br718.576 million worth of chemical products ($363.027 million) in January-June 2017, up 7.4% on the year, the company said in an official report.

OAO Grodno Azot’s nitrogen fertilizer output stood at 415,920 tonnes (in terms of 100% nitrogen) in January-June 2017, down 0.5% year on year; carbamide output increased 0.8% to 568,493 tonnes.

Grodno Azot decreased output of ammonium sulphate by 3.1% in January-June 2017 to 171,420 tonnes; nitrosol - 390,729 tonnes, down 2.7% year on year; ammonia – 579,160 tonnes, down 1.1%; sulphuric acid – 122,572 tonnes, up 7.4%; technical methanol - 37,125 tonnes, up 41%, caprolactam - 58,378 tonnes, up 3.2%; chemical fibres and threads - 19,606 tonnes, up 18.2%, cord cloth – up 6.1% to 18.224 million running metres, basic nylon – up 2.3% to 50.815 tonnes.

Grodno Azot was set up in 1963 and transformed into an open joint-stock company in 2002. The Belarusian government holds a 99.97% stake.

Grodno Azot is Belarus’ main producer of liquid ammonia, nitrogen fertilizers, methanol, caprolactam, biodiesel fuel.

OAO Grodno Azot’s ammonia capacity stands at 976,800 tonne per year, carbamide – 945,000 tonnes, nitrosol – 720,000 tonnes, ammonium sulphate – 319,000 tonnes, technical methanol – 80,000 tonnes, caprolactam – 121,200 tonnes, carbonic acid – 24,000 tonnes, biofuel – 24,000 tonnes.


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