Grodno Meat Factory makes $3.4m deal with Russia’s Vkus Detstva

19.07.2017 09:50 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK - Grodno Meat Factory signed a contract with Russia’s Vkus Detstva (Taste of Childhood) to supply around $3.4 million worth of Belarusian meat products, the meat manufacturer told Prime-TASS.

The first contract with the Russian company was signed in early 2016 and now it has been extended for one more year. Grodno Meat Factory says it also supplies products for Russia’s Dymov: in late June the parties extended a contract to supply around 200,000 tonnes of Belarusian meat products.

Grodno Meat Factory says its export proceeds grew 40.5% year on year in Jan-Jun 2017 to $22.754m. Exports account for 36% of Grodno Meat Factory’s output. The company exports meat products to Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Vietnam, Hong Kong.

Grodno Meat Factory is a full cycle meat processing company based in Belarus. Belarus’ government holds a 51.22% stake in Grodno Meat Factory.


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