IT breakthrough: Number of Belarus' Hi-Tech Park resident companies up by 25%

14.03.2018 10:51 / Belarus

MINSK – The Supervisory Board of Belarus' Hi-Tech Park (HTP) gave a thumbs-up to the registration of another 46 resident companies, BelTA learned from the HTP.

“The number of HTP resident companies grew by a quarter from 192 to 238. This is the first such dramatic one-time increase in HTP's history which spans more than a decade. The park's impressive growth is caused by the adoption of the Digital Economy Development Ordinance by the Belarus president in December 2017. The IT community has praised the document and has taken reciprocal steps in return,” the HTP noted.

“Most of the companies registered in the HTP on 13 March have been set up recently. When drafting business plans, they are guided by the clear transparent conditions in the IT sector enabled by Ordinance No. 8. Some of these companies have earlier stayed away from joining the HTP but the ordinance have changed their opinion and encouraged to register in the park – 12 out of the 46 new resident companies have been set up before 2016,” the park's representatives remarked.

The number of food companies in the HTP has been growing: out of the 46 new resident companies, eight make their own products and twenty-one stick to a mixed business model envisaging production of their own goods and customized software development.

The Hi-Tech Park has grown both in terms of quantity and quality as the new resident companies focus on in-demand lines of business and technologies: AI software development (neural networks, machine learning, computer vision) and augmented reality –Wannaby, Camera First Development, Canoe, Twistellar, and other companies; BigData software development - Big Data Technologies and SpiralScout; IOT software and hardware development - Klika Tech; precision farming software development – OneSoil.

Five new resident companies are related both with software and hardware, namely Clevetura, VRTEK, Klika Tech, Circuit Engineering Technologies, and Softmax.

Many new resident companies focus not only on exports, but also on the domestic market: Wiseweb, Intermech, Service-Partner, and Softmax.

Most companies that joined the HTP on 13 March have been set up with the participation of foreign capital, which demonstrates the trust of foreign investors in the HTP and the existing infrastructure for IT business in Belarus, the park's representatives underlined. For instance, MapData company is a development center of the US-based Mapbox which has formed one of the world's leading platforms for identifying location and mapping in real time. Mapbox has recently raised $164 million from SoftBank's Vision Fund. As an HTP resident, the company plans to develop software for navigation with real-time traffic using computer vision and machine learning technologies.

The information on each of the new resident companies is available at

Thus, as of 13 March 2018, there were 238 resident companies in the Hi-Tech Park.

Source: BelTA

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