Producers of organic foodstuffs to get funds from public budget

06.12.2018 10:02 / Belarus

MINSK - Production of organic foodstuffs in Belarus will be funded at the expense of state programmes, Deputy Minister for Agriculture Vladimir Grakun told reporters.

In his words, producers of organic foodstuffs will not be supported directly at the expense of the state budget. However, financial support will be provided via state programmes, mostly at the expense of the 2016-2020 agrarian business development programme, the deputy minister said.

Belarus plans to sell organic foodstuffs locally and export to foreign markets. At the moment, around 1,500 ha of land in the country has been certified for organic farming. Currently, 20 companies based in all regions of Belarus (except Gomel Region) produce organic foodstuffs (mostly crops).

The law says that organic foodstuffs must be separated from non-organic products at all stages of production. Moreover, lands used for organic farming must not be treated with chemical agents for three years before the start of the organic farming process.

As previously reported, the law on production and turnover of organic foodstuffs says that producers of organic foodstuffs in Belarus shall be subject to voluntary certification to confirm that their products meet state standards of Belarus, technical codes of established practices.

Certified producers of organic foodstuffs will be included into the official register, and will also be awarded the right to mark their products with the label “Organic Product”. The law will become effective in Nov 2019.

Source: PrimePress

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