Promise to accommodate private sector proposals in Belarusian economy stabilization package

26.03.2020 09:36 / Belarus

MINSK – Proposals put forward by representatives of the private sector in order to ensure the stable operation of the Belarusian economy were discussed as Deputy Economy Minister Dmitry Matusevich met with heads of associations of corporations and self-employed businessmen, the press service of the Belarusian Economy Ministry told BelTA.

The Economy Ministry in association with the oblast administrations is monitoring the situation in the private sector, focusing on economic consequences of the complicated epidemiological situation in the world and the weakening of the Belarusian ruble's exchange rate. Opinions were polled during offsite meetings with representatives of the private sector in the regions and via phone hotlines. Mass media coverage was also analyzed.

Private sector proposals, the possibility and ways of implementing them into the measures the Economy Ministry is developing in order to ensure the stable operation of the national economy were discussed during Dmitry Matusevich's meeting with the heads of associations of corporations and self-employed businessmen. These measures will focus on the fiscal policy, the monetary management policy, and the prudential policy as well as the work of integration associations, the real sector of the economy, and the consumer market.

Results of the working meeting will be taken into account when these proposals are forwarded to the Council of Ministers.

Source: BELTA

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