Refinancing rate in Belarus down to 11.5%

13.09.2017 11:17 / Belarus

Belarus' key lending rate was reduced to 11.5% per annum on 13 September, BelTA has learned. The interest rate on standing and bilateral operations designed to keep up the current liquidity of Belarusian banks were reduced from 14% to 13% per annum. It is the seventh time Belarus' central bank has reduced its refinancing rate this year. The key interest rate went from 18% to 17% per annum on 18 January, from 17% to 16% on 15 February, from 16% to 15% on 15 March, from 15% to 14% on 19 April, from 14% to 13% on 14 June, and was lowered to 12% per annum on 19 July.

Source: BelTA

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