Remondis Ltd. chosen to create container deposit system for Belarus

19.10.2018 09:18 / Belarus / Germany

MINSK - Remondis Ltd., an international provider of waste disposal, waste management and trade bin collection solutions, has been chosen to create a container deposit system in Belarus for collecting consumer packaging materials, the National Agency for Investments and Privatization (NAIP) said in a statement.

Belarus plans to establish a nationwide system for collecting consumer packaging materials by 2020 in order to recycle up to 90% of consumer containers and packaging materials.

Introducing a deposit-based container recycling system is one of the modules of Belarus’ National Strategy (2017-2035) for recycling solid municipal wastes and recyclable materials.

As previously reported, the cost of introducing a container deposit system in Belarus for collecting and recycling tin cans, PET bottles and glass bottles has been estimated at €90 million, which covers the cost of procuring stations for collecting and sorting such containers.

Belarus is currently busy developing a regulatory framework for operating a container deposit system.

Source: PrimePress

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