Russia gives Belarus this year's fishing quotas in Barents Sea, Baltic Sea

22.02.2021 09:17 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK – Belarus has been granted quotas to extract aquatic biological resources in Russia's exclusive economic zone in 2021, the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry told BelTA.

Taking into account Belarus' past operations the country will be able to fish out 5,021 tonnes of cod and 1,805 tonnes of haddock in the Barents Sea as well as 100 tonnes of cod, 800 tonnes of anchovy, and 100 tonnes of Baltic herring in the Baltic Sea.

The decision was made in line with the protocol signed at a videoconference session of the Belarusian-Russian commission on fisheries on 19 February.

Belarusian vessels have fished in the Barents Sea and the Baltic Sea for five years. The fish is transported for processing to enterprises of the Belarusian company Santa Bremor and to joint ventures of Soyuzryba Company in Russia. In 2020 Belarus' fishing quotas totaled 5,835 tonnes in the Barents Sea and 1,000 tonnes in the Baltic Sea. Belarus fully uses up its quotas.

Source: BELTA

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