Russia's Kostroma Oblast interested in Belarusian vehicles, machines

18.10.2019 09:33 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK – Shipments of Belarusian vehicles and machines made by MAZ, Amkodor, and Belkommunmash to Kostroma Oblast were discussed as Vice Governor of Russia's Kostroma Oblast Yuri Makov took part in the session of the working group on cooperation between Belarus and the Russian region in Minsk on 17 October, BelTA has learned.

The official said: “Today we've been to three enterprises – MAZ, Amkodor, and Belkommunmash. They have high industrial standards and offer excellent products. We discussed possible shipments of Belarusian vehicles and machines to our oblast. I am talking about passenger vehicles, trucks, and road construction and maintenance machines for our road construction companies.”

Belarusian Information Minister Aleksandr Karlyukevich stressed that rather kind and warm relations were established with Kostroma Oblast a long time ago. “I think all our joint accomplishments, including shipments of Belarusian machines, vehicles, and equipment, will be developed and will be implemented as concrete contracts,” he said. “After preliminary talks the most constructive format of the dialogue has been established with Amkodor. It seems to me this enterprise will rather progressively enter Kostroma Oblast. But we have a lot of other projects as well.”

Yuri Makov said that Minsk constantly grows and is always a pleasant city to visit. “The Belarusian capital city gets better and better, cleaner, and cozier,” he said. “Belarus and Kostroma Oblast have signed an agreement, which regulates relations in the sphere of economy, culture, and so on. As the vice governor in charge of overseeing economy, investments, and road industry in the region I am particularly interested in economic cooperation relating to export and import. We sell some products to Belarus while Belarus sells us some. And we are genuinely interested in advancing such relations.”

The Kostroma Oblast vice governor noted that trade turnover between the two sides stands at $52 million at present. “We primarily sell woodworking products to Belarus because Kostroma Oblast is a land of forests. We have many timber industry enterprises. And we also sell some agricultural products, for instance, starch for enterprises that make beverages,” he explained.

Aleksandr Karlyukevich said that there are a number of initiatives of Belarus and Kostroma Oblast relating to mass media cooperation. “Kostroma Oblast is an active participant of the international media forum Partnership for Peace, the Mass Media in Belarus expo, and other humanitarian and cultural projects,” he added.

Other promising avenues for developing the bilateral relations were also discussed during the session.

During the session the Belarusian side was represented by representatives of industry-specific ministries and concerns, the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The Kostroma Oblast delegation included heads of departments of the Kostroma Oblast government in charge of overseeing agribusiness and mass media, and representatives of Kostroma Oblast industrial enterprises.

Source: BELTA

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