Russia's Saratov Region mulls over MTZ tractor production

10.08.2018 14:06 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK – Saratov Region, the Russian Federation, plans to produce tractors of Minsk Tractor Plant (MTZ trademark). The matter was discussed at a meeting between MTZ Director General Fyodor Domotenko and Saratov Region Governor Valery Radayev during Saratov Agro. Field Day 2018 expo, BelTA learned from the website of Minsk Tractor Plant.

According to Fyodor Domotenko, experts have already chosen companies in Saratov Region which can be involved in tractor production. At present there are nine companies, but the number can go up to 15. The production localization level will exceed 50%.

Valery Radayev expressed interest in the tractor making project and, addressing the representatives of the Belarusian plant, said: “The project will promote capacity utilization of nine Saratov companies ready for the batch production of component parts for Belarusian tractors. I am happy to hear that you are interested in the project as well. It would be difficult for our farmers, especially in Zavolzhye, without such machinery, as your tractors. I am confident we will succeed.”

Farms in Saratov Region use more than 7,000 MTZ tractors, or about 40% of the total number of tractors in the region.

The agricultural expo Saratov Agro. Field Day 2018 was held on 9-10 August. The expo gathered about 120 companies that produce agricultural machinery, technologies for milling and elevating complexes, new navigation systems, seeds, fertilizers, construct agrarian facilities.

Source: BelTA

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