Russia’s TechnoNICOL launches extruded polystyrene plant in Belarus

17.05.2019 09:11 / Russia / Belarus

MINSK - Russia’s TechnoNICOL launched an extruded polystyrene plant worth RUB800 million in Belarus’ Osipovichi (Mogilev Oblast) on May 16, 2019.

It has been TechnoNICOL’s third Belarus-based production company. The designed capacity of the new plant is 360,000 square metres per year, while the capacity of Belarus’ market is around 230,000 square metres. Surplus extruded polystyrene will be exported. Moreover, TechnoNICOL says it will recycle scrap polystyrene.

TechnoNICOL has an Osipovichi-based facility to produce contemporary roofing materials, bitumen, hydroinsulation materials.

TechnoNICOL runs 54 production facilities in Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Italy, Great Britain, Germany. TechnoNICOL products are exported to 95 countries.

Source: PrimePress

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