Zelva’s 10MW wind farm gets integrated into Belarus’ grid

17.10.2018 09:32 / Belarus

MINSK - Located in Grodno Region near Zelva, a wind farm with a total capacity of some 10MW has started supplying energy to Belarus’ electric power grid, Grodno Region Administration told PrimePress.

Zelva’s wind farm project was implemented in the framework of an investment agreement between Grodno Region Administration and Zilant Ltd.

The 10MW wind farm worth €3 million is built on a land plot of 1.7 ha.

The wind farm is integrated into Belarus’ power grid.

As previously reported, Belarus has chosen 22 suitable locations, where up to 2,000 wind power stations can be installed. With 2,000 wind power stations made operational, Belarus could save up to 1 million tonnes of equivalent fuel. 

The government’s innovative development programme suggests establishing several wind power parks in Belarus: near Novogrudok, Oshmyany, Smorgon, Liozno, Dzerzhinsk with a total rated capacity of 1,600MW.

Source: PrimePress

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