Interactive electronic whiteboard for Smart Education

13.02.2019 - 13.02.2020



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Hardware features: 

  • usable operating area and writing area not less than 84 inches, aspect ratio: 16:10;
  • touch sensing technology: optical image sensing technology USB report resolution: 32767 * 32767;
  • touch accuracy is less than 2.5mm;
  • cursor speed (sampling rate) is greater than 180 frames/SEC;
  • response time (scanning speed): 6 ms or less, there is no delay;
  • size of induction object 5.0 mm or less, no writing blind area supports multi-touch;
  • has the product quality inspection report of provincial and ministerial authority;
  • interface: USB 2.0, communication distance is not less than 10 m;
  • calibration: one calibration is enough, without drift;
  • other features: can prevent glare and reflection, dust, dirt, water, riot, anti-light.


  • micro-arc design of edge;
  • border design: extruded aluminum alloy (solid);
  • panel material: aviation aluminum honeycomb board.

Functional features:

  • the audio system can be used alone when it is powered up, effectively extending the service life of projectors or LCD TVS and internal computers;
  • metal case, strong and durable, beautiful and high-grade, the size is not greater than 1230mm*300mm*60mm, easy to be embedded in the blackboard, integral installation with LCD TV or electronic whiteboard for use;
  • there are no screws or rivets on the outside of the case. The whole case is smooth, beautiful and elegant. Adopt the structure of the front dismounting, which is beneficial to the daily quick repair and maintenance of the equipment;
  • except for the mechanical lock and handle of the warehouse door of the display platform, there is no protruding device on the front of the case for the easy opening and closing of the blackboard;
  • two-digit digital tube is used to display various working conditions and parameters to facilitate users to monitor the use status of equipment;
  • two kinds of projector control code input methods: pre-save 99 sets of projector 232 control and code for the user to call directly, reduce the trouble of the user to write code, at the same time, the model not included can be written freely by the user;
  • the initial volume is automatically adjusted, and the system automatically adjusts the volume from small to large to the set value when starting up after setting;
  • when power off, the projector's cooling period countdown function can effectively protect the projector;
  • control the system intelligently by a key, when switch «system switch» of the integrated machine, automatically step with switch of all devices i.e. projector, computer and central control, etc., the operation is more simple and convenient$
  • the two boot modes of card swiping and key pressing coexist to effectively prevent the equipment from not able to turn on due to lost or damaged card keys.

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