SM86 Sterility Test Device

15.05.2019 - 01.03.2020



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SM86 sterility test system is used for sterility test in sterile product. It can work with all kinds of closed canister.

Many types of sterile products can be tested with the SM86 sterility test system, including:

  • LVP (Large Volume Parenteral) in Glass bottle, plastic bottle, soft pouch, etc.;
  • Injection in Ampoule and vial, and freeze-dried powder;
  • Insoluble powder;
  • Medical devices;
  • Preloaded syringe

It is to test whether testing sample contains microorganisms. The microorganisms present in the sample are captured on the microporous membrane in the closed canister by the action of directional peristaltic pressure from the SM86 pump device. Rinsing membrane removes the bacteriostatic ingredient if samples are included. Appropriate medium is pumped into each canister separately to promote the growth of the captured organisms. The canisters are incubated and examined for contamination in accordance with the relevant pharmacopoeia.

  • The unique label print function, connect with the printer, can print the relevant information of the experiment to the sticker and stick it on the canister body directly, which avoids the traditional method of hand-writing on the canister body and improves the standardization of the labeling of experimental data.
  • 7-inch capacitive touch screen, supplies good user experiences for information display and input.
  • Whole mirror polished stainless steel process, easy to clean and disinfection.
  • Two operation mode: Program operation and Direct operation.
  • Equipped with medical waterproof footswitch, intermittent operation and continuous operation of 2 modes.
  • Run is quickly and speed is stable.
  • Drain tray can be hang on and lay on the table. When it is hanged on, there are more than 180 angle for choice.
  • Side installed with pushbutton power switch with light.
  • Bottle holder can meet the demand on hanging for the pouch.
  • English and Chinese operation language for choice.

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