Sterility Test Closed Canister

15.05.2019 - 04.05.2020



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Sterility Test Closed Canister is used for pharmaceutical product sterility test by the membrane filter method produced in very strict condition. It works together with sterility test device

  • Adopts all imported original pharmaceutical grade material, without chemical releasing;
  • Ultrasonic welding process, avoiding side leakage;
  • Chosen membrane avoides adsorption of drugs;
  • Designed wrench style clasp, easy to control the flow rate;
  • Connected single use sealing lock clasp in the tube, easy to control.;
  • Sealing stopper for top and bottom designed with two wings of ergonomics;
  • Imported adhesive paper of sealing package, avoiding false positive result by sterilization and false negative result by EtO;
  • Double package including certain negative pressure, eliminating the risk of false positive and false negative;
  • Each set of closed canister package has sterilization indicator card inside, giving visual clearly instruction of its sterilization result;
  • Has 50 ml cycle scale abd 100 ml alarm line in the canister body;
  • The color of wrench style clasp is the same as single use sealing clasp.

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