Fire-fighting barrel SPRUK-50/0.7

25.06.2019 - 31.08.2019



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SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 are universal manual shut-off normal-pressure fire-fighting hoses with a nominal diameter of DN50, characterized by compactness, low weight, ergonomics and ease of use.

SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 allow to adjust the flow rate of extinguishing agent and form a continuous or sprayed jet of water with a variable spray-cone angle. SPRUK-50/0.7 with a foam diffuser installed is used to spray low-expansion air-filled foam. SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 are used to extinguish fires, cool buildings and process structures, suppress clouds of poisonous or radioactive gases, vapors and dusts.

They proved their effectiveness not only when extinguishing fires in industrial facilities, but also in apartments and offices, since they have a high dispersal rate and due to the possibility of fine adjustment of the extinguishing agent flow, they eliminate the fire source without flooding the lower floors. The fire-fighting hoses are made of aluminum alloys and stainless steel; the bodies and internal elements of the fire-fighting hoses are anodized that increases the antifriction properties of the fire-fighting hose elements under load and protects them from corrosion. The manual fire-fighting hoses are produced in accordance with the requirements of STB 11.13.14-2009 and TU BY 100 918 940.005-2015. There is a patent for this invention.


  • It allows to extinguish by a direct, indirect method, as well as with a finely-divided spray;
  • It allows to change the configuration and volume of the extinguishing agent without interrupting its supply. This makes it possible to avoid replacing of fire-fighting hoses, sleeves, and, consequently, distraction of the fire personnel;
  • It is equipped with a pistol grip; the nozzle operator can securely fix the fire-fighting hose while adjusting the delivery volume of extinguishing agent and the spray cone angle;
  • The possibility of forming a protective screen with a spray jet up to 120o to protect the nozzle operators. The protective screen makes it possible to get closer to the burning object as quickly and safe as possible;
  • SPRUK-50/0.7 supports installation of a foam diffuser to obtain low-expansion foam for subsurface suppression;
  • SPRU-50/0.7 and SPRUK-50/0.7 are equipped with a belt and rotating turbines (flywheels-sprays) for spraying a jet with a wide spray-cone angle and for reducing the size of droplets that allows decreasing of water consumption;
  • They have the function of flushing without disconnection of the fire-fighting line to clean the fire-fighting hose from foreign objects of maximum size in diameter up to 8 mm for SPUK-50/0.7 and up to 9 mm for SPRU-50/0.7;
  • They have proven to be useful when working in low-temperature mode;
  • They can be used with aggressive fire extinguishing agents.

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