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11.03.2020 - 31.12.2020



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We specialize in the production of metal-glass cases for integrated circuits and semiconductor devices. Instrumental production of the plant is a manufacture according to the original design documentation, according to sketches, diverse in terms of material consumption, labor intensity, cost, production time and other parameters of technological equipment and tools. The term "technological equipment" means a very wide range of special tools: dies for metal processing (die-cutting, perforating, exhaust, bending, combined, etc.); pressing molds for injection molding or blowing metal, glass, rubber or plastics; other tools (attachments for fastening the tool or parts, mandrel, holder, jig, collets, dies, clamps). A number of works are carried out on tool production: computer modeling and preparation of control programs for CNC machines (milling, turning, electrical discharge); all types of metal processing (turning, milling, boring, grinding, EDM); thermal and chemical-thermal treatment; manufacturing of special equipment for non-standard equipment; production of geological equipment (dies, sliders with a wire, hydraulic shutter valve). The price of products is formed depending on the parameters required in the customer’s application, technical specifications and the volume of the order. The pricing policy of the plant involves an individual approach to pricing for each consumer. It also specializes in the production of transparent quartz glass products of the C5-1 brand. It is possible to manufacture quartz equipment (sight glasses, etc.). If you are interested in our products, please inform us in writing.

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