Direct Transit of Digital Circuits

04.08.2021 - 31.12.2022



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Direct transit of digital circuits is a service for provision of international digital transit circuits for lease within the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

RUE Beltelecom uses a powerful modern infrastructure of communication networks. By fiber-optic lines Belarus is connected with all five neighboring states (Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, Russia). To ensure transit opportunities for the transmission of telecommunication traffic, RUE Beltelecom constantly works on the construction of new international interconnections via fiber-optic cable with operators of the neighboring countries.

In order to ensure reliability and survivability of the network, RUE Beltelecom applies ring topologies of construction, which guarantees 100% redundancy of traffic. Over the network of RUE Beltelecom runs one of the shortest routes in Moscow-Frankfurt direction with a delay of less than 32 ms.

Service features and benefits:

  • bandwidth up to 100 Gbps;
  • 100% backup and full geographic diversity option;
  • connection with the largest data centers in Asia and Europe;
  • use of advanced technologies and modern (latest generation) equipment;
  • fast (rapid) service delivery;
  • monitoring of the service operation and qualified technical support 24/7/365 (366);
  • guaranteed availability up to 99,9%;
  • the fastest (shortest) direct route (Minsk – Moscow: 9.99 ms, Moscow – Frankfurt: 32 ms).

For information on provision of international communication circuits for lease, please contact specialists of the Sales Department of RUE Beltelecom: Phone: +375 17 217-12-42 or +375 17 217-12-49, email:

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