Raw material and ingredients for various branches of the food industry

01.08.2018 - 22.08.2018



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  • Raw material and ingredients for various branches of the food industry (alcoholic beverages, animal feed, baby food, bakery, confectionery & pastry, dairy and cheese production, fat and oil production, fish production, fruit processing, jams, health / functional food, ice-cream & desserts, meat production, non-alcoholic beverages, pasta, pet food, ready meals & meal components, snacks and chips, vegetable processing, sauces and ketchups);
  • Flavourings, food additives and raw materials (acid, acid content controllers, additives preventing caking and clumping alginates, carrageenans, other hydrocolloids from seaweed, antifoaming and foaming agents, antioxidants, aseptic fruit products, bakery improvers, baking powder, bouillons, soups, broths, brans and germs, cake premix, canned / frozen fruits and berries, canned / frozen meat and poultry products, canned / frozen vegetables, caseinates and derivates, cereals: cooked / extruded, chocolate products, clearing agents, coatings, breadings, cocoa products, colour correcting agents, colours: mineral, colours: natural, colours: synthetic, confectionery creams, culture & fermentation starters, curing ingredients, dehydrated / dried, dehydrated / dried fish and seafood, dehydrated / dried meat and poultry products, dehydrated / dried vegetables, dietary fibers, egg products, emulsifiers, emulsifying salts, enzymes, essential oils, flavoring essences, extracts (non-fish, non-meat), fat replacers, fats and oil: speciality, fats and oil: tropical, fats and oil: vegetable, fats: animal, fatty acids, fillings, flavour enhancers, flavourings, flours, milled cereals, fruit juice concentrates fruit powders, gelatin, glazing agents, hardening agents, hazing substances, herbs, spices and seasonings, honey, honey granules, hydrocolloid mixtures, jams, preserves, pastes and candiead fruit, lactose, lecithins, malt products, meat and poultry products: powders and extracts, milk powders and mixtures, milk whey products and derivates, minerals, modified cellulose, modified starches, mousses, natural flavours, nut products: butters, pastes and purees, nuts: whole, milled, broken, roasted, oil (milk fat), organic basic and compounds, organic semi-finished products, pectins, phosphates, polyunsaturated fatty acids and their sources, preserving agents, probiotics, processing aid means, protein hydrolyzates, peptides, aminoacids, proteins (non-dairy, non-soya), release agents, sauces, ketchup, dressings, mustard, seafood: powders and extracts, seed products, soya flour, soya lecithin, soya proteins, isolates, soya sauce and fermented soya products, starch, sweeteners and artificial sugar, mixtures of sweeteners, syrups, vegetable and germ gum, resins, vegetable powders, vinegar, vitamins, yeast products).

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