Our services

The National Centre for Marketing and Price Study of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus provides a wide range of services aimed at developing foreign economic relations of Belarusian economic entities, increasing exports, consulting, providing comprehensive support for procurement in Belarus and abroad, carrying out marketing researches in the sphere of foreign trade.







Comprehensive support for foreign economic activities:

• providing comprehensive support in carrying out exhibitions and congress events (including transportation services, accommodation, entertainment program, translation services, etc);
• organizing business visits and B2B meetings in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

Marketing services:

• carriying out marketing researches of Belarusian and CIS market;
• carrying out exploratory marketing researches of foreign markets, including overviews of industry markets, market entry conditions, competitive environment analysis;
• searching for customers, suppliers and business partners.


• consulting on procurement procedures;
• organizing of educational seminars on the foreign economic activity and international marketing;
• seminars on doing business in foreign countries with the participation of the representatives of the diplomatic authorities of the Republic of Belarus.

Advertising services:

• development and placing the advertisements in print publications «Export of Belarus», «Market conditions», «Competitive bidding in Belarus and abroad»;
• placing the advertising banners on the websites www.icetrade.by, www.export.by, www.ncmps.by;
• design of advertising, printing products and exhibition stands.

Comprehensive support for procurement procedures:

• information support and consulting on all types of competitive procurement in Belarus:
- www.icetrade.by – the official site for placing information about public procurement and the relevant legislation;
- www.goszakupki.by – the electronic trading platform of the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study;
- http://ca.ncmps.by – the website of the Certification Centre;
• informing about bidding and tenders in foreign countries;
• assistance for business entities in their participation in tenders to supply goods, works and services through international organizations (UN, World Bank, EBRD).


• long-term experience in the field of foreign economic activity;
• highly qualified specialists speaking foreign languages;
• branch offices in all regional centers of the Republic of Belarus;
• direct cooperation with ministries, public authorities and diplomatic representations of the Republic of Belarus;
• more than 150 partners in 50 countries including the chambers of commerce, business associations, consulting companies, foreign trade agencies, etc.;
• extensive geography of our activities.

Please, feel free to contact us regarding additional information on any question:

Head office:
Pobediteley ave., 7,
220004, Minsk, Belarus.
Tel: +375 17 2268102, fax: +375 17 2035786.

Director – Valery E. Sadokho,
First Deputy Director – Alexander V. Zapolski.
e-mail: ncm@icetrade.by, market@icetrade.by

Division of Foreign Economic Relations:
Ms. Evgenia Komarova, e-mail: komarova@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 328 46 25.

Division of Exhibition Activities:
Ms. Sviatlana Zhyliak, e-mail: zhyliak@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 328 46 24.

Education Centre:
Mr. Gennadiy Novikov, e-mail: seminar@ncmps.by, tel. +375 17 203 60 01.

Department of Editorial, Publishing and Advertising Activities:
Ms. Tatyana Kozlova, e-mail: edition@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 203 67 98.

Procurement Department:
Ms. Viktoria Vorobey, e-mail: vorobey@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 327 09 80.

Strategic Planning and Development Division:
Mr. Vadim Tarasevich, e-mail: tarasevich@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 328 46 23.

Marketing Information Department:
Ms. Ksenia Stasevich, e-mail: stasevich@icetrade.by, tel. +375 17 203 58 10.

To get more information you are kindly requested to visit websites:
www.ncmps.by, www.export.by, www.icetrade.by, goszakupki.by.