Belarusian Partners

Orsha District Executive Committee

Orsha District Executive Committee provides guidance to the economic issues, market reforms, foreign economic activities, supervises the work of transport and communications enterprises, housing and utilities sector, energy, construction and service sectors, health care. The committee promotes physical education, sports and tourism, provides guidance for the spheres of education, culture, social welfare and public awareness.

The Republican Centre for Technology Transfer

Promotion of technology transfer, business cooperation and partnership in the sphere of scientific researches among scientific organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, the European Union, the Russian Federation, the USA, China, Japan and other countries, aimed at improving their competitiveness. The Centre forms and maintains information databases of technology requests and offers of the Belarusian companies and enterprises.

FEZ Gomel-Raton

The universal platform for promotion of innovative export-oriented production. There have been created special conditions for doing business on its territory, which implies the possibility of cost reduction and increase of the competitiveness of production.


Foreign Partners


India's Prime Export News Portal. The portal helps Indian firms to explore & promote their products & services overseas.

Latvian Export Import Directory

Exim is export-orientated free on-line database. The goal of this portal is to provide exchange of the information about import and export facilities for Latvian and foreign entrepreneurs in the Internet.

Directory of Polish exporters. Construction, clothes, logistics.

The main purpose of the website is promotion of Polish companies in the markets of all over Europe. Information about the companies is presented in the most popular languages.


Directory of Venezuelan enterprises

On the Venezuelan website of export support and promotion one can find the sections, devoted to global trade, business opportunities and production catalogue.

National portal of subcontracting

The main purpose of the Portal is integration of manufacturers of goods and suppliers of services for promoting cooperation and innovative production. The main objectives of the Portal: searching for new orders for the participants of the Portal; selection of reliable producers of technologically advanced production; cooperation among the participants for realization of the project; joint procurement of goods and services; promoting the production of the participants of the Portal.