Bending machine with a rotary bending beam

Sector: Metal Processing Equipment
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Full Product Information:
The machine is designed for the manufacture of various parts from sheet metal by bending. Using the tool supplied with the machine, it is possible to bend a large number of different parts with an internal angle of 32 to 180 and a radius of 7 mm. The bending machine can be equipped for a fee with various interchangeable devices: for bending pipes, closed loops, U-shapes, boxes and edges. The operation of the machine is provided by a hydraulic system containing two main cylinders of the drive, two cylinders of the pressure beam and a hydraulic station. The hydraulic drive provides a quick supply of the bending beam to the workpiece, a slow progress during bending and a quick retraction to its original position. Adjustment and adjustment of the position of the bending and pressing beams depending on the thickness of the bent sheet and the required bending angle is carried out by means of manual adjustment mechanisms. On the bending machine, there is a rear mechanized stop with an indicator of the position of the stop relative to the bending line, designed to accurately position the sheet. The electrical circuit provides the machine at single strokes and in commissioning mode. Lubrication of the most loaded mechanisms of the machine is carried out using a centralized grease system. The remaining friction surfaces are lubricated with a syringe.

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