Hydraulic press brake

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Presses are designed for the manufacture of parts from sheet and strip products by bending. In the universal V-shaped stamp supplied with the press, You can bend a large number of different parts. In special dies supplied for a fee, bending of complex parts in one transition, bending along the radius, stamping and cutting of blanks can be performed. The work of the press is provided by a hydraulic system containing one or two main cylinder, pumping unit and hydraulic control panel. Hydraulic drive provides a quick supply of the slider to the workpiece, a slow stroke during bending and radical withdrawal to the starting position. Adjustment and adjustment of the position of the creeper depending on the thickness of the bent sheet material is carried out by means of a mechanism for adjusting the interstamp space. Presses with a large table length (IP1426V, IG1428) are equipped with a mechanism for compensating for the deflection of the table and slider, which provides high-quality bending with respect to long sheets, significant thickness at nominal force. Two front stops are installed on the presses, which allows their use as a receiving table for small batches of workpieces, and a back stop with an indicator of the position of the stop relative to the bending line, designed for accurate positioning of the sheet. On the presses of the models IP146V, IG1428 the back emphasis is mechanized. The electrical circuit provides the operation of presses in single strokes and in commissioning nom mode. Press control push-button two-handed and pedal. Lubrication of the presses is manual.

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