Frozen dessert Tvorozhko-morozhko on a stick or in horns

Sector: Ice-cream
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Frozen dessert on a stick (lolly) 1. “Tvorozhko-morozhko” Curd snack with vanillin, fat content 16%, frozen 2. “Tvorozhko-morozhko” Curd snack with cocoa and filling “Caramelized milk”, fat content 12%, frozen 3. "Tvorozhko-morozhko "Kartoshka" with milk fat replacer with cocoa, cookies, cognac, sponge cake, cream flavors in cocoa-containing, frozen 4. Tvorozhko-morozhko" with vanilla flavor in cocoa-containing,frozen Net weight 80g Number in a box – 45 pcs Packaging – transparent polypropylene film Shelf life and storage conditions: not more than 90 days at a temperature not exceeding minus 18ºС.

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