Hydraulic CNC press brake

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Design features of the press. • the press frame is a welded annealed design that provides minimal deformation under load; • the drive of the bending slide is carried out from two hydraulic cylinders and a hydraulic system, made on components of the Rexroth company; • Three speeds of the bending cycle are provided, providing a quick supply of the punch, an optimal bending speed and a quick return of the slider to its original position; • the synchronization of the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder rods is carried out from two optoelectronic rulers mounted at the edges of the slide through the CNC system and proportional hydraulics; • the movement of hydraulic cylinders along the axes Y1 and Y2 is carried out with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.01 mm. Due to this, the accuracy of the bending angle is achieved regardless of the position of the workpiece in the working area. • movement of the back stop can be carried out by the program in the directions: horizontally (back and forth) along the X axis, vertically (up - down) along the R axis, horizontally (from left to right) along the Z1 and Z2 axes with a positioning accuracy of ± 0.1 mm. The press is equipped with a Delem DA-66T numerical control system, which is an example of high reliability, efficiency and ease of control and belongs to the high-performance press brake control systems. It provides its functionality in a real-time Windows R-based operating environment. Up-to-date electronics and proven modular equipment provide additional benefits: • support for user-oriented applications (standard Windows programmability), which was accessed during the process due to the multitasking of the control system software shell; • large amount of memory; • interface for keyboard and mouse (USB); • touch-sensitive bending and correction interface to meet the highest requirements for press brakes; • 2-dimensional modeling Standard equipment supplied with the press: - bending tool: sectional punch and sectional matrix with streams 16,22,35,50mm (for presses with an effort of less than 1600 kN inclusive); - fastening of the tool according to the European standard (according to the PROMECAM-AMADA type) with mechanical fixing; - remote control panel; - foot control pedal; - Two adjustable support legs in front; - photo protection of the working space from the rear of the press; - pendant control panel; - side rails; - two safety units. Press configuration depending on version: - table deflection compensation mechanism (bombing mechanism) - manual or automatic from CNC; - back emphasis with a programmable number of axes: 1 (X); 2 (X; R); 4 (X; R; Z1; Z2); 5 (X1; X2; R; Z1; Z2); 6 (X1; X2; R1; R2; Z1; Z2). Additional options supplied for a fee: - bending tool for presses with a force of more than 1600 kN; - special tool; - quick-mount tool; - laser protection of the workspace; - Delem DA-69T CNC system - 3-dimensional modeling; - sheet tracking device.

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