Lathe CNC GS1725F3

Sector: Machine Tool Equipment
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: wooden box
Full Product Information:
The machine in the chuck version is designed for turning in a closed cycle in the chuck and the centers of parts with a straight, stepped and curved profile in the conditions of small-scale and serial production. The bar machine is designed for turning parts made of bar material with a diameter of up to 52 mm. The machine can be used for external turning, boring, drilling, threading according to the program of parts of various materials. The range of control of the spindle speed and feed allows processing of products made of ordinary ferrous and non-ferrous metals and alloy steels. The machine can be equipped with various CNC systems, drives, main motion and feed motors. To move the caliper in the transverse direction used roller guides "STAR" company "Bosch Rexroth". The use of the 8-position tool head UG8 allows you to install a sufficient number of tools for the necessary processing of the part. Depending on the modifications produced, the following alphanumeric indexes are added to the basic machine designation: "C1"("Siemens"),"C2"("Fagor")," C3 "("Mitsubishi"), etc. - CNC systems; "G" - machine with automatic head UG8; "B" - machine in cartridge version; "B1" - bar machine; "N" - machine with rail longitudinal guides; "T" - machine with a conveyor for chip removal; "M" - machine with mechanized supply of tailstock pinol; "P" - machine with a mechanized clamp of the workpiece in the chuck ( P1-hydraulic). 1.1 The largest diameter of the workpiece installed above the bed, mm-500 (for B) - 1.2 the Largest diameter of the workpiece above the bed, mm-320 (for B) 1.3 the Largest diameter of the workpiece above the caliper, mm, not less than-200 (for B) 1.4 the Largest diameter of the rod of the workpiece, mm-52(for B1) 1.5 Diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle, mm-72 (for B1) 1.6 Maximum processing length, mm, not less than-750 (for B), 150 (for B1). 1.7 height of the centers above the bed guides, mm-255 2.1 the range of frequencies of spindles, min-1 - 5 – 4000. 2.2 Method for regulating the speed of the spindle head spindle - stepless 2.3. Main drive power, kW-11

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