Glass yarns

Sector: Fiberglass Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 700 кг
Packaging: Картонные коробки
Full Product Information:
Taking into account technical and technological possibilities and the equipment our enterprise has the possibility to produce glass yarns from “E” glass with the linear density from 3.4 to 136 tex with the elementary fibre diameter from 4 to 11 mkm. Glass yarns are used for production of fabrics, tapes and meshes of different application (electric insulation, building, construction), as electrical insulation winding of wires and cables, starters and transformers; reinforcing filler of construction materials; in the form of cords and stockings. Depending on the application glass yarns are made on different types of sizing to provide the best consumptiion and technological properties during their further processing. The type of emulsion, tex, yarn structure (number of plies, twist value) can be chosen taking into account the customer’s requirements. Packaging of yarn is made into carton boxes, which are placed on a pallet and wrapped by a film, preventing penetration of moisture. Net weight of yarn on a pallet is approximately 800 kg. The price for the goods made by JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is formed based on the current market condition and on the planned prime cost, taxes and non-tax fees. The Company sets its prices depending on the contract terms and based on the sales volumes and terms of payment and delivery.

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