Thermal insulation materials

Sector: Fiberglass Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 рулон
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Full Product Information:
The materials have high thermal and sound proofing properties, frost and temperature resistance. They are made of glass “E” with fibre thickness 6-13 mkm. The given thermal insulation materials can be used both in south regions and in the Extreme North regions due to their working temperature range from -60 C to +60 C. They are easy to handle and safe for people, non-combustible and non-toxic, chemically neutral, and are not subject to rotting. Non-woven materials is a cloth made of chaotically located glass fibres, bonded by multiple needlepiercing - types IPM, IPC and the type PSX, sewn by glass yarn. They are used for thermal insulation of piping and equipment. They have superb thermal insulation properties, long service life and are convenient in handling. They correspond to sanitary norms and regulations. Needle felts made of “E” glass (IPM) They are superb thermal insulation and thermal protection. The given materials have low thermal conductivity, are not subjected to influence of steam, water, they have high temperature stability. They are manufactured from chaotically located glass fibres with the diameter of elementary fibre 6 or 13 mkm. The main direction of their usage IPM - as thermal insulation of the equipment, communications - where changing of temperature regime is not allowed, where heat can be controlled and kept, where application of binding resins is not allowed. Needle piercing materials are used practically in all the branches of national economy: metallurgy, energetics, machine building, automotive building. Roll glass plastics of the type RCT. Roll glass plastics of the type RCT are used as a covering layer for thermal insulation of pipes indoors and outdoors, under ground. They can be used at the ambient themperature from -40 C up to +60 C. They are manufactured with the density 240 and 430 g/sq.m in a width 90 - 127 cm. The price for the goods made by JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is formed based on the current market condition and on the planned prime cost, taxes and non-tax fees. The Company sets its prices depending on the contract terms and based on the sales volumes and terms of payment and delivery.

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