Glass fabrics and glass meshes for building application

Sector: Fiberglass Products
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1 roll
Packaging: box (33 rolls)
Terms of Delivery: FCA-Polotsk, DAP
Full Product Information:
Fabrics - the basis for roofing materials The given glass fabrics are used as a basis for production of hardfacing roofing materials, for making of new built-up roofing and repair of old roofing of any configuration, as well as for hydroinsulation of concrete reservoirs, hydrochannels, bridges, water pipelines, drain sewerage systems, foundations and underground structures in a wide range of temperatures and different climatic conditions. The fabrics of the type RATL are manufactured with the density 120, 190 and 210 g/sq.m with different treatment, agreed with the customer for adding of better properties to them for adhesion with bitumen. Glass meshes CC-50 is used for stuffing of cracks on the ceilings, walls before filling with putty, painting, glueing wall paper, for sealing of joints of gipsum carton, fibre board (DSP), wood particle board (DVP), as well as other building sheet materials. The given glass mesh is used for manufacturing of self glueing tape. CCSH-160 is designed for reinforcement of plaster and as reinforcing material for thermal insulation of guard structures of buildings using the technologies of the type “Thermal fur coat”, “PCL”, “Radex”, as well as a number of foreign analogues. The given systems are used for increasing of thermal resistance of outer walls of the buildings and are the most effective method of saving of thermal energy. The price for the goods made by JSC "Polotsk-Steklovolokno" is formed based on the current market condition and on the planned prime cost, taxes and non-tax fees. The Company sets its prices depending on the contract terms and based on the sales volumes and terms of payment and delivery.

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