Brake Valve with Manual Control

Sector: Brake System
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Full Product Information:
The Valve is produced according to TY RB 100185185.071-2002 specifications. The following Valve modifications are available: 6029.35.37.310 and 6029.35.37.310-30 back action manual brake Valve control the brake chambers with spring brakes of parking and reserve brakes. The Valve enables carrying out control check of truck parking brake sufficiency for retention of entire truck and trailer on a slope at released trailer brakes. 6029.35.37.310-20 brake Valve with manual control is used for operation of compressed air releasing devices. For instance, the Valve is used to control the spring brakes of parking and reserve brakes. Specifications: Working Pressure 0.8 MPa Operating Temperature Range - 45 … +80 °С Overall Dimensions 120×215×150 Fitting Thread М14х1.5-6Н Weight 6029.35.37.310 and 6029.35.37.310-30 1.1 kg 6029.35.37.310-20 0.85 kg

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