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Vehicle Monitoring System of the Navigation-Information Center

Sector: Navigation Systems
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Terms of Delivery: According to the Contract
Full Product Information:
Functions automatic receipt of navigation and telemetry information from mobile objects via GSM/GPRS/3G wireless channels; development of a database to process, store and provide navigation, telemetry, reference, reporting and satellite information; generation of operating and evaluation reports on status and operation of mobile objects and order assignments; development of geoinformation systems for traffic optimization; access to reporting and geoinformation data from user workstations via Web-interface or from local user workstations; on-line accident prevention by the system dispatcher. Implementation results improved personnel security during accomplishment order assignments; supervisory control over transport network; up to 20% average fuel cost reduction; up to 30% labor efficiency growth; on-line control of vehicle location; automated control over vehicle departure and arrival; reduced costs for car fleet maintenance; enhanced safety of the operated machinery; improved transport schedules and routes; improved labor discipline and labor capacity of drivers; enhanced economic indicators of the company due to prevention of downtimes, delays and unauthorized fuel discharge; improved operation of the company’s departments. Features/advantages the telematic platform provides integration of 300 types of various navigation equipment; the system can be adapted according to the Customer’s special requirements; the system cost can be adjusted depending on the equipment supplied; the system can integrate with the Customer’s information system; engineering consulting service is provided.

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