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Our company produces plywood birch and alder brand FK (plywood waterproof). Birch plywood is considered among furniture makers and builders of the best quality. High physical-mechanical properties of birch in combination with a multilayer structure provides its extraordinary strength. But such important properties as the warm colors and beautiful structure of wood birch plywood made it popular in the manufacture of furniture, interior design and appearance. Plywood FK brand higher grades used in the furniture industry in the production of parquet, and the lower grades as a packaging material for the equipment, partly in construction. System of quality plywood and is certified in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 9001. In manufacturing, raw materials certified in accordance with the rules of FSC. Also, plywood is certified according to CARB-standards (California Air Resources Board) and the requirements of IKEA IOS-MAT-0003 AA-10899-8, 2008-10-14. The company has a certificate - CARB-09-02-26-04 for plywood 3 -25 mm.

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