«Reks» for dogs of medium and large breeds

Sector: Animal Feed
Price: Contract Price
Full Product Information:
Ingredients: Cereals and processed products (corn, bran, wheat), meal of animal origin (meat and bone meal, poultry meal), soy product, animal fat, rice, vitamin-mineral complex, vegetable oil, methionine, triptophane. Content of nutrients: Crude Protein - not less than 20%, fats and oils - not less than 6%, calcium - not less than 0,5%, phosphorus - not less than 0,4%, fiber - not more than 4%, humidity - not more than 10%. Vitamins, not less: витамин А - 10 000 IU/kg, витамин D3 – 800 IU/kg, витамин Е - 150 mg/kg. Energy value: not less than 3500 kcal/kg – 14,65 MJ/kg Packaging: 0,75 kg; 2 kg; 5 kg; 10 kg; 15 kg; 20 kg* * - the package is not branded

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