МC5 Adapter Module

Sector: Other Communication Equipment
Price: 438 BYN
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: Carton box.
Terms of Delivery: EXW.
Full Product Information:
Basic characteristics: a nonvolatile current time clock; available flash memory capacity up to 256Kbyte (capability to install flash-chip with a unique MAC-address for working in Internet); two Watch Dog timers (an inner processor timer and an independent outer timer); two LED status indicators; power supply – +12 V; power consumption – not more than 10 W; the operating temperature - – 400С up to + 500С; tolerance to mechanical effects – L3 under the State Standard 12997-84; protection from electrical shock: class III under the State Standard; weight – maximum 0.25 kg; MC5 overall dimensions – 25х100х115 mm. Functions МС5 is used for constructing different computerized telemetry and control systems: road traffic automated control systems (RTACS), automated energy control and metering system (AECMS), automated heating control and metering systems, automated electric lighting control systems, remote intrusion protection systems (control by the cell phone). Advantages capability of data exchange via several wire interfaces simultaneously: RS485, RS232, Ethernet 10Mbit, current loop, “Start” protocol, USB 1.0 (either in master or slave mode); GSM/GPRS modem availability; quantized inputs/outputs availability; a current time clock with self-contained battery supply; capability to work in the transparent data exchange mode; capability to reprogram the module for dealing with appliances having unique work protocols/ algorithms; remote module reprogramming; “Start” protocol supporting for data exchange with existing (outdated) light-signal objects controllers; module design diversity with various functional capabilities and prices; possibility to develop a modification with functional capabilities on the customer’s request. Its moderate price, compact size, application commonality considerably distinguishes the MC5 module from similar devices on the market. The Company manufactures and delivers MC5 adapter modules, which at present are used in ARTACS for GPRS links with light-signal objects located in Grodno region. МС5 are involved into AECMS project for RUE Beltelecom.

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