Berkut-1E Tactical Unmanned Aerial System

Sector: Automated Management Systems
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Packaging: box
Terms of Delivery: According to the Contract
Full Product Information:
STRUCTURE two unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV); a set of replaceable payloads: photo module (camera), reconnaissance module in infrared range (thermal imaging camera), television reconnaissance module (TV camera); ground control station; transceiving device; container for UAS storage and transportation. TASKS TO BE SOLVED conducting the air reconnaissance in the preset area over land and water surface, acquiring, thermal imaging and TV picture of terrain in real time; searching and detecting surface (above-water) objects, determining their coordinates; transmitting the reconnaissance information in real time to commanders of tactical level subunits. UAV technical capabilities: automatic flight mode (suitable to perform the flight in unattended mode in accordance with entered flight task, including landing); automated flight mode (under control and on operator’s commands); UAV emergency flight termination and return to the preset area in automatic mode under inexpediency to further perform the mission, including landing. SPECIFICS / ADVANTAGES The aerial vehicle is hand-launched. Launching the UAV does not require the prepared runway enabling to use the UAV in any hard-to-reach area. The UAV can be launched within the city limits. The sufficiently limited open site is suitable for accident-free UAV landing with parachute. The system provides control over the single UAV from the ground control station. The system in basic configuration has two UAVs, however the more number of UAVs is available. The UAV design ensures its high flying features, and it is built as “monoplane with pusher propeller” layout. The fuselage structure enables fast assembly and disassembly, replacement of on-board equipment as well as mounting payloads without applying technical means and devices (except available SPTA). The product packing – the container for UAS storage and transportation – prorides comfortable and safe transportation by two people as well as any type of transport (ground, sea and by air), delivery of UAV, payload and ground control station replaceable modules to the launch site and protection against mechanical damages and atmospheric precipitations exposure. Supplier’s quality management system has been certified to meet the requirements of СТБ ISO 9001-2009. The warranty period for the supplied equipment is 12 months. The product life cycle is at least 5 years since the date of commissioning.

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