Herringbone Milking Plants (2х6 to 2х20)

Sector: Animal Husbandry
Price: Contract Price
Minimum Order: 1
Full Product Information:
Milking plants are intended for machine milking of cows on a special platform in the stalls arranged pairwise at an angle of 300 degrees with respect to the technological pit. Simultaneous opening of the front fences (with the aid of a mechanical drive) is envisaged which provides for a rapid exit of animals out of the milking stalls. The plants are produced in two modifications: 1 - without automatic computer control of the milking process - UDA; 2 - with automatic computer control of the milking process - UDM. Milking plants are equipped with a computer herd management system that is designed for automated operational control over the cattle herd at dairy farms. It provides for collecting and processing the data on each cow and enables the farmers to manage the processes of cows regrouping and herd reproduction, and automatize the following tasks: - animals separation from the herd at the operator's command; - accounting, planning and control of milk production; - accounting, planning and control of calving, inseminations and pregnancy testing; - analysis of the structure and physiological condition of a herd; - registration of the animals admission and withdrawal.

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